EvPowerNetwork is a visionary company that is disrupting the EV charging space with a combination of technology and logistics experience to deliver the multi-unit EV charging infrastructure that is critical to reach our climate change goals.

Our journey began when we imported our first EVs in 2008. In that case it was electric bikes. This set us on a path to follow and grow with the transition to electric vehicles. During the next few years we built custom Evs (again of the 2 wheeled variety) and in 2018 visited China for the yearly bike exposition. In China we experienced an important ‘ah-ha’ moment. It seems almost inconceivable to imagine but all of the two wheeled vehicles in the cities (right down to the rickshaws) were electric powered. It is an amazing sight to watch two women riding down the middle of the road on their electric scooters carrying on a conversion which was totally possible due to the lack of noise.

Subsequently we imported parts and built more custom electric bikes.

2018 was also the year we purchased our first electric car. We then began installing charging systems and . even built an early V2G (vehicle to grid) system to handle any power outages.

In 2020 we finally began to see the large-scale adoption of electric bikes. We think that the acceptance of electric cars will follow a similar curve.

EvPowerNetwork is passionately committed to helping in the transition to electric vehicles.


679 Moberly Road
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 778-244-4062