The Solution

Engineered for your building.
EV charging systems in Multi-tenant buildings must rely on the available power supply in the building. EvPowerNetwork analyses the last 12 months of the building power usage to optimize use of the exisitng power supply in the initial buildout.
EvPowerNetwork uses advanced technology called adaptive charging (also referred to as load management or charge management systems). Adaptive charging allows multiple Level 2 chargers to operate on one circuit by modulating the power demand of each individual charger. This helps reduce the need for expensive main supply upgrades in the building.

Most EVs will remain parked and plugged in for 10-12 hours overnight. However, each vehicle may only require an hour or two of Level 2 charging to obtain a full charge. An adaptive charging system manages the power output across a group of EV chargers on the same circuit allowing all connected vehicles to obtain the necessary charge.
EV Ready

EvPowerNetwork ensures all work that is done will receive regulatory approval. This can mean up to 75% of the costs can be returned in rebates. In addition we design the underlying infrastructure in the building so it will support the adding of new EVs and future enhancements such as bi-directional charging.

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